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I founded Operation Oligo Cure to fund clinical trials for brain tumor research in 2011. My husband, James, was initially diagnosed with a low grade Oligodendroglioma, (brain tumor) in 1996. James had surgery and follow-up exams annually until 2008 when he learned his tumor returned. After a year and a half of chemotherapy, his doctors recommended surgery followed by additional chemotherapy and radiation. Although I stood by his side, I felt helpless. The surgery was a success but what was I to do next?? After countless hours of searching the internet, support groups, and clinical trials I came to the ugly realization that all I could do was hope and pray and the tumor would not return. There had not been an effective new treatment developed for brain tumors in over 15 years.

Operation Oligo Cure’s goal is to raise enough money so that he, and many others living with this disease, do not have to wait until the tumor resurfaces. The current course of treatment for brain tumors is to wait until the tumor returns and treat it with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Our hope is to raise enough funding so that current clinical trials can be expanded or fund other treatments that will prevent the tumor from ever returning! In April 2012, James appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to earn money for the cause. He donated all of his winnings, 15,800 dollars to the foundation.

James and I have two young children – Jack and Sofia. James is a father, brother, son and friend to many. He is an emergency medicine physician in North Carolina. When he is not spending his time treating and healing others, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching sports and traveling. There are many like James living with an Oligodendrgolioma. In fact, there are 600,000 people living with a brain tumor today. Please join our crusade to help make a change and make a donation today. All of the proceeds go to research for clinical trials.


Nancy Perri